Armenia is the country with the young democracy, open and actively developing economy. One of the most attractive directions for development of business is:

Information Technologies, in particular – development of the Software for various areas, chip design, Database information systems, Web-design and multimedia, GIS systems, etc. During Soviet time in Armenia there were many enterprises of a military-industrial complex specializing in the field of system engineering of management and control, software for mathematical support etc. In Armenia more than 10 high and average technical educational institutions are concentrated, completed with the qualified teachers and having many of years of traditions which prepare annually several hundred experts in area of IT (Information Technologies). It caused rough growth area of IT in last years. Now in this area act more than 200 local companies and more than 30 companies with the foreign capital, in the majority from the USA and countries of the Western Europe.
In according to different estimations export of Armenia to areas IT has exceeded 30mln USD and every year this figure grows.

Manufacture and export of alcoholic drinks. Due to thousand-year traditions of winemaking, unique grades of a grapes, a special microclimate of the solar mountain valley located at height of 1450 m above sea level, the Armenian cognacs and wines were recognized all over the world. The basic part of cognacs and wines made in Armenia, is exported in many other countries. In Armenia there is a unique manufacture of pomegranate and blackberry wine which has received a high estimation of wine makers of Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Spain and France and is exported to such countries as the USA, Germany and Israel;
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Tourism, as in territory of Armenia the set of the unique historical and cultural monuments which have reached us from an antiquity, also is located because outside of Armenia lives in some times more Armenians, than in the country.

– Armenia has rich sources of natural mineral water. Armenian mineral waters “Arzni”, “Bjni”, “Jermuk” are recognized all over the world.

Cultivation of natural, non-polluting products of an agriculture (apricots, peaches, tomatoes, grapes, etc.), and also their industrial processing – natural juices, dried fruits, jam, etc.

– Armenia since ancient times name the country of a stone. Here there are building stones – basalt, some types of tuff (black, pink, yellow, red and other colors), a granite. Are available also faked and semiprecious stones
obsidian, agate, a jasper – products from which are in demand abroad.

– Manufacture and export of jewels from silver, gold and jewels.

– In Armenia there is a rather cheap and professionally well advanced labor.

– Investments in development of small and average business are favorable also.

The purpose Assyrian Center “Betnahrain” in this direction is reduction, and subsequently and the full termination of emigration of Assyrians from Armenia by creation of new workplaces, conditions for a normal life and creative activity, and also by creation of a favorable atmosphere for occupation by small and average business. Assyrian Center “Betnahrain” assumes to create all necessary conditions for the organization in territory of Armenia representations and branches of foreign Assyrian companies, and also the companies with Assyrian capital and will provide also the necessary assistance in business of creation joint ventures and organizations of import and export of goods and services. In case of successful business we plan to use a part of the profit for financing assyrian cultural, social and public programs, and also for help requiring persons.