Assyrians were living in Armenia from very ancient times, but the Assyrians living in the territory of modern Armenia are descendants of immigrants from western shore of Lake Urmia and other regions of Iran and Turkey. During Russian-Persian war in 20th years of 19th century Assyrian people were assisting Russian Army – supplied with foodstuffs, fodder, were gathering prospecting information, were taking part in fighting operations.

As a token of gratitude Russian government has allowed hundred Assyrian families from the western coast of lake Urmia to move to Russia and to lodge in East Armenia. Assyrians have lodged in village Kulyasar of Artashat region. Further the part of Assyrians has moved and has located in villages Arzni, Dvin, Shakhriar and Yerevan city where compactly live up to now with brotherly Armenian people, keeping and developing the language, culture, traditions and customs.

In heavy years of the First World War the number of Assyrians in Armenia has replenished due to refugees from Iran and Ottoman Turkey: has moved more than thousand Assyrian families. Families which have been lodged in Ararat valley and Yerevan province where within many decades lived in the piece and friendship with Armenian people, accepting active participation in a public and cultural life of the country. In 1918 when Turks have intruded South Caucasus, Assyrians have generated a voluntary battalion which battled in structure of Armenian guerrilla groups, accepted active participation in Sardarabad fight and defense of Yerevan. Within the Second World War on protection of the native land many Assyrians has risen. Several hundreds have left on the front from Armenia; many of them have fallen death brave. In fights Assyrians showed heroism and the resistance, many of them have been awarded with medals and awards. S.Sarhoshev and L.Davydov had received a high rank of the Hero of the USSR. On funds, gathered by Assyrians have been constructed planes, tanks, other help was rendered to front. In post-war years Assyrians shoulder to shoulder with Armenian people accepted active participation in construction of Armenia, in restoration of economy.

Till 1990 in Armenia lived more than 10.000 Assyrians whom due to compact residing, high national consciousness and affinity with brotherly Armenian people during almost two centuries it was possible to develop and keep the culture, language, traditions and customs. So, at many schools where compactly lived Assyrians, the native language was taught, operated ensembles of songs and dances, national holidays were marked, days of mourning and memory falling and martyrs were not forgotten. During disorder of the USSR Armenia because of the state reorganization, on the one hand, and because of wars in Nagorni Karabagh – in other side, appeared in very heavy economic situation owing to what it is a lot of Assyrians as well as Armenians, has been compelled to leave the native rendered habitable places and to emigrate – basically on territory of Russia where in conditions of non-compact residing in the big cities Assyrians gradually assimilate. Unfortunately emigration of Assyrians from Armenia proceeds till today – basically because of unemployment.

We count, that it is necessary to use all available opportunities and to arrange, to constrain pernicious emigration from Armenia as it is broken way of people developed by centuries, families collapse, traditions are broken. With this purpose we offer all Assyrians, Assyrian organizations and all interested persons cooperation in business of adjustment of business partnership, and also others directions with the purpose of creation of workplaces.