Official Name – Republic of Armenia (brief – Armenia)
State flag of Republic of Armenia – three horizontal strips (red, blue, orange)
State language – Armenian
Head of the country – President of Republic of Armenia
Capital – Yerevan
National currency – Armenian Dram (AMD)

Geographic information
Territory – 29.74 thousand km2 (may be compared with Albania, Belgium )
Population – 3,7 mil. , 98% – Armenians,
Population of Yerevan – 1.25 mil.
Average high above sea level – 1300 m.
Maximum high point – mount Aragatc (4090 m.)
Minimum high point – canyon of Debed river (380 m.)
Armenia lays in subtropical zone (on the same width as Greece, Italy and Spain)
The most length – 360 km.

Historical Information
782 B.C. Foundation of Yerevan
VI-V cent. B.C.finished ethnical forming of Armenian people on the territory of Armenian highland.
301 – Armenia became the first Christian country
405 – Mesrop Mashtotc created Armenian alphabet

The President of the RA
The Government of the RA
The Constitutional Court of the RA
The Control Chamber

Minister of Emergency Situations of RA
Ministry of Agriculture of the RA
Ministry of Culture of the RA
Ministry of Defense of the RA
Ministry of Diaspora of the RA
Ministry of Economy of the RA
Ministry of Education and Science of the RA
Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the RA
Ministry of Finance of the RA
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RA
Ministry of Healthcare of the RA
Ministry of International Economic Integration and Reforms of the RA
Ministry of Justice of the RA
Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the RA
Ministry of Nature Protection of the RA
Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of the RA
Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development of RA
Ministry of Transport and Communication of the RA
Ministry of Urban Development

Armenian Nuclear Regulatory Authority
Central Electoral Commission Of The RA
Civil Service Council of the RA
General Department of Civil Aviation
Migration Agency of the Ministry of the Territorial Administration of the RA
Municipality of Yerevan
National Security Council
National Security Services
National Statistical Service of the RA
Office of the Public Prosecutor of the RA
Police of RA
State Committee of The Real Estate Cadastre
State Property Management Department
State Revenue Committee
The Central Bank of Armenia
The State Commission for the Protection of Economic Competition of the RA