Bet Nahrain

Assyrians Center in Armenia


Bet Nahrain

Assyrian Center in Armenia

Assyrian Center “BetNahrain” is created with the purpose of studying and distribution Assyrian language, culture, history and traditions, for representation to wide public actual questions and problems of the Genocide of Assyrians in 1914-1918 in the territory of Ottoman Turkey, as well as for adjustments of business partnership and cooperation in different areas for creation of new workplaces.


Assyrian Genocide

Genocide of Assyrians and Armenians in Ottoman Empire Within the First World War in the territory of Ottoman Turkey where were living about 1 million Assyrians with common language, culture and national traditions, had been organized mass destruction of Christian peoples. Together with 1,5 million Armenians have been brutally killed and tortured from 500 to 750 thousand Assyrians. One of the basic purposes of our Organization is studying historical materials on this theme and using all available opportunities within the framework of the law (books, articles, reports, mass media) to inform the public. The given direction of our Organization develops A.Khosroyeva. On the given theme are published several articles in press of different countries. Now works under the edition of the book on this subject are conducted. To all interested persons we offer collaboration on this question.

Results of our works will be periodically published on our site.

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Iosipov Gegham Sergeyevich

The founder and the President of the Assyrian Center “BetNahrain” is Iosipov Gegham Sergeyevich.

Was born in 1968 in Arzni, Armenia.
Mr. Iosipov holds degree in Economics from Stavropol State University, Russian Federation.

Works at State Tax Service of RA.
Mr. Iosipov has a rank of the 2nd state class adviser of RA Tax Service


About Armenia

Official information about Armenia

Official Name – Republic of Armenia (brief – Armenia)
State flag of Republic of Armenia – three horizontal strips (red, blue, orange)
State language – Armenian
Head of the country – President of Republic of Armenia
Capital – Yerevan
National currency – Armenian Dram (AMD)

Geographic information
Territory – 29.74 thousand km2 (may be compared with Albania, Belgium )
Population – 3,7 mil. , 98% – Armenians,
Population of Yerevan – 1.25 mil.
Average high above sea level – 1300 m.
Maximum high point – mount Aragatc (4090 m.)
Minimum high point – canyon of Debed river (380 m.)
Armenia lays in subtropical zone (on the same width as Greece, Italy and Spain)
The most length – 360 km.

Historical Information
782 B.C. Foundation of Yerevan
VI-V cent. B.C.finished ethnical forming of Armenian people on the territory of Armenian highland.
301 – Armenia became the first Christian country
405 – Mesrop Mashtotc created Armenian alphabet

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Business Suggestions

The purpose of Assyrian Center “Betnahrain” in this direction is reduction, and the full termination of emigration of Assyrians from Armenia by creation of new workplaces, conditions for a normal life and creative activity, and also by creation of a favorable atmosphere for occupation by small and average business. Assyrian Center “Betnahrain” assumes to create all necessary conditions for the organization in territory of Armenia representations and branches of foreign Assyrian companies, and also the companies with Assyrian capital and will provide also the necessary assistance in business of creation joint ventures and organizations of import and export of goods and services. In case of successful business we plan to use a part of the profit for financing assyrian cultural, social and public programs, and also for help requiring persons.



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